So What is a Cult Film

So what exactly is a cult movie? Cult film isn’t so much a genre, as a blanket covering several genres. Or maybe more precise, covers films that fall between the cracks of other genres. Technically a cult film is one that doesn’t do well commercially upon release, but gathers a following, a cult following if you will over time.

Now the term gets used more and more often interchangeably with exploitation cinema. But not all exploitation has developed that following. Some are still pretty obscure. Still with modern technology and services like Netflix and X-box video, those obscure films aren’t as obscure. It’s easier than ever to find those films that at one time you had to frequent drive-ins, and low rent theaters in the bad part of town.

Personally I have never been extremely hung up on labels. I myself tend to use cult to describe biker films, spaghetti westerns, blacksploitation, cannibal, and several other genres. I intend to use this blog to take a look at all of these and more. All those films that don’t fit in to any genre including those above.

I also may take some time to take a look at those faux exploitation films like Machete and Planet Terror. I’m going to attempt to write a short review later today. Possibly on Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2, or Tom Laughlin’s Billy Jack, as I watched both of these films again over the weekend. So follow me here and who knows what trouble we will get into. Maybe we will even join a cult, cult film that is.

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