Invasion of the Bee Girls Blu Ray

A cult classic is coming to Blu Ray this week. Invasion of the Bee Girls, a sci fi horror with touches of comedy and loads of sex appeal. it’s the movie that taught me the real meaning of “ballin”, way back when. It stars the vivacious Hammer vixen, Victoria Vetri. Invasion of the Bee girls tells the story of alien “Bee Girls” who come to Earth and set about “balling” men to death. Not just any men but top scientists in the human space program.

Bee Girls is one of those movies that is hard to call good, especially by today’s standards. But it is a fun movie, and isn’t that what is really important?  It’s packed full of sex and nudity, but not so much that it would shock most modern film goers.  Most people over the age of 18 would probably find it tame. It’s still a little much for the kiddies, but for adults looking for a cheesy seventies flick, this just might be your ticket



Now it’s finally getting it’s due justice with a Blu Ray release, and if you pre-order from, you can grab a pretty hefty discount that amounts to about ten bucks of the MSRP. You cant beat that with a whole hive of bee girls

Invasion of the Bee Girls is coming to Blu Ray

Invasion of the Bee Girls is coming to Blu Ray

Invasion of the Bee Girls hits Blu Ray on April 4th

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