Halloween 3 review

Halloween 3 review
In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I thought I would do a quick Halloween 3 review. Halloween 3 is the epitome of a cult film. It flopped at the box office, was hated by fans, only to gain a huge following on home video. Halloween fans are still divided over it, but many consider it a classic. Personally besides the original, it is my favorite entry in the series.

Halloween 3:Season of the Witch, is probably the bravest entry ever in a horror franchise. That bravery is almost certainly the reason it was a box office failure, but it’s also one of the reason it is today held in high regard. Halloween 3 is one of the only entries in a horror franchise to not feature the series resident killer. If you don’t count the original Friday the 13th and Friday V, it’s probably the only one.

Now why would a film maker do something that stupid? Well apparently series creator John Carpenter wanted to take the series in a new direction. Instead of having a yearly slasher-fest each year with the same masked killer, he wanted to explore a different Halloween themed horror film each year. Thus was born Halloween 3.

Halloween 3 is the story of Dr. Dan Challis, who while investigating a strange death, finds a sinister mask maker with a diabolical plot to take Halloween back to it’s pagan roots. Conal Cochran makes the most popular masks on the market the Silver Shamrock. Silver Shamrock is also one of the most famous and popular ditties in horror.

On the surface Cocharn seems kind and generous, but underneath lies a murderous plot. He intends to use his masks, and a chip from Stonehenge, to murder every child in America as a traditional pagan sacrifice.We are treated to a test run on a family that results in one of the creepiest, and most disturbing death scenes in a mainstream horror film.

Dr. Dan manages to escape and apparently kill Cochran, but will he be in time to save the children? He only has till midnight on Halloween to stop the doom, and time is ticking.

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