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Invasion of the Bee Girls Blu Ray

A cult classic is coming to Blu Ray this week. Invasion of the Bee Girls, a sci fi horror with touches of comedy and loads of sex appeal. it’s the movie that taught me the real meaning of “ballin”, way back when. It stars the vivacious Hammer vixen, Victoria Vetri. Invasion of the Bee girls tells the story of alien “Bee Girls” who come to Earth and set about “balling” men to death. Not just any men but top scientists in the human space program.

Bee Girls is one of those movies that is hard to call good, especially by today’s standards. But it is a fun movie, and isn’t that what is really important?  It’s packed full of sex and nudity, but not so much that it would shock most modern film goers.  Most people over the age of 18 would probably find it tame. It’s still a little much for the kiddies, but for adults looking for a cheesy seventies flick, this just might be your ticket



Now it’s finally getting it’s due justice with a Blu Ray release, and if you pre-order from, you can grab a pretty hefty discount that amounts to about ten bucks of the MSRP. You cant beat that with a whole hive of bee girls

Invasion of the Bee Girls is coming to Blu Ray

Invasion of the Bee Girls is coming to Blu Ray

Invasion of the Bee Girls hits Blu Ray on April 4th

Invasion of the Bee Girls [Blu-ray]

Features: Shrink-wrapped
Director: Denis Sanders
Starring: Anitra Ford, William Smith, Victoria Vetri
Rating: R (Restricted)

List Price: $27.99 USD
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Candyman doesn’t live in New Orleans

Tony Todd, the Candyman

Me and Tony Todd, the Candyman

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was just a few years ago really, but essentially it was still a life time. A life that saw me in friendship with a often belligerent mountain of a man named Matt. His name was Matt, but we usually called him Guts on the Floor. It was more than an internet nick name it was how he lived his life, balls to the wall, guts on the floor. He was a convention friend. I met him at Horrorfind convention in College Park Maryland. Actually I had met him a year before we became friends, in the bar at Horrorfind. The bar was the natural habitat of Guts on the Floor, but the year we became buddies it was in a meeting room, where all the loud and boisterous con goers were stuck to (hopefully) not to disturb the other hotel guests.

Tony Todd the Candyman

Tony Todd the Candyman

Guts came to my attention, because he was tossing lounge chairs around the room. As I said he was a mountain of a man, at least 6’2 and he looked to be easily 300 pounds, with shaggy black beard and unkempt hair. A lot of time there was food in that beard. His three favorite things at cons seemed to be eating, drinking and antagonizing celebrities, not always in that order. Yeah Matt was big, and he could be mean, and he could be annoying, but he was also loveable. He pissed off a lot of people, he pissed off me quite a few times, but we all loved him. The dead I heard about his death I spent an hour crying in my car. I’m in tears now thinking about it. There are a lot of stories about Guts, about Matt, most of them hilarious, a lot of them vulgar, some pretty gross, and some I would never publicly share. This is one story. A short, unimportant story, but one that made me laugh this weekend thinking about it.

Guts, at one point when we were really close, took to calling me at home late at night. He was pretty much always drunk, and most times spent most of the call insisting I call him Dr. Dan Challis. Guts was a huge fan of horror. He loved Dawn of the Dead, he loved Candyman but his favorite was Halloween 3, with Dr. Dan played by Tom Atkins. Some nights he would call and quickly get mad at me over some supposed (or real) slight. Like I said, he pissed me off MANY times. Some night’s he had plans for me and him. He was always going to come and visit me. Either to kick my ass, go drinking, go exploring horror related locations or whatever kick he was on. This night he wanted to go visit the Candyman.

Apparently Guts had just recently met the Candyman, Tony Todd. I had met Tony on a few occasions and he is one of the coolest celebrities that I have ever met. Well Guts, claimed that Tony now had a house in New Orleans. Guts also knew I lived relatively close to New Orleans (6 hours at that point in time). Guts also claimed Tony had given him the address and told him to come by if he was ever in new Orleans. Guts thought this was an awesome idea and that me and him should go visit the Candyman. Unannounced. I didn’t think this was such a great idea. Horror conventions are a great place to hang out with celebs, and some like to hang in the bar and talk and drink. But that doesn’t mean if they say drop by my house, they will remember it when the drink isn’t flowing. I just had a feeling if Guts did manage to get his address, Tony would have freaked to find the hulking Guts at his front door, probably drunk, and with a high likely hood that his beard would be full of partially chewed food.

But there was no dissuading Guts on the Floor, so I just agreed. I said “sure, come on down and we will make the trip to New Orleans.” Hoping that he would forget it when he sobered up, and for the most part he did. He did mention it a few times later, but he never made serious plans to visit. Later on his health and lack of a job made it pretty much out of the question. Then we had a nuclear fallout in our friendship. I got mad and said things, that I still regret. Not that I didn’t have reason, not that he didn’t deserve a lot of what I said, but it still doesn’t make it right to say that to a friend. I never saw him again. Never talked to him again. He was telling people he was going to kick my ass the next time he saw me. I thought he might try, but mutual friends said he loved me too much, That he would have confronted me, called me an asshole than hugged me.

Whatever would have happened we never got the chance to meet again. He died in a house fire and the grief still haunts me. I still love the big guy, and I hate him for leaving so soon with bad blood between us, but I cant think about him without either crying or laughing. That was him, all or nothing, guts on the floor.

Guts on the floor loved Tony Todd the Candyman

Guts on the Floor and the Ginja Ninja RIP you guys

So this weekend I met Tony Todd again, in Biloxi, Mississippi at a small horror con. Talking to him, he mentioned he was ready to get home and have a few days off. I said, “but you own a home in New Orleans, right” (about an hour or so from Biloxi). He told me that he didn’t and I told him about Guts and his plan to visit him. “So you guys were going to just show up at my door one night drunk? Yeah that would have went well” he said laughing. He’s really a cool guy and we talked about conventions, houses, crazy fans, etc. Then while I was talking to his manager Missy, he signed my poster. He finished and posed for a picture with me. “hey man, look what I wrote on your poster” he said to me. I read the inscription.

“Allen, I don’t live in New Orleans. Tony Todd”

I almost died laughing. Yeah it’s a silly little inscription that no one but me would get if they read it. Well me, and anyone reading this, and Guts. Guts, who is somewhere in the afterlife antagonizing a famous dead person. Your friends miss you, Guts. To anyone out there holding a grudge, do your best to forget it, to move on, to mend fences. Time is short, don’t carry hate to the grave.


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Just One More, Trying to sleep with H.P. Lovecraft



by: Sherrie Hurd, Freelance writer and guest blogger

I woke up from a grizzly nightmare, yet again. It was set in a dark, fairly moldy terrain. The air was filled with the scent of rancid meat and charged with energy. In the sky burned a morbid fire. But it was the light of my bedroom light flooding my newly waken form. 20121010-4-reanimator-306x-1349883981

The dream lingered on through consciousness, tickling my spine and causing me to look around the room. I was frightened. Even though the dream was gone and the average world where nothing really every happened, was back. I was in my bed and I was wet with sweat.

To some, this sounds sexy. Well, to me it has become a pattern of dread. I know that when I close my eyes, I will think of it again. I will see hunks of writhing flesh, half animated, yet falling from the bone. I will see this and open my eyes. No, Freddy isn’t coming to get me and there are no chainsaws buzzing in the distance. All I can hear are whispers…

“We have to get another one. We shall try the cemetary across the field.”

This quote may not be exact, it probably isn’t, to be honest. But I know that it is close enough. I know that this story will never live up to the nightmare it has spawned in my head. The way it recaps from chapter to chapter, dragging the razor blade across the skin.

This dreaded nightmare of searching for a better one, has reminded me of my eluding sleep. I watch in my mind’s eye as Herbert West re-animates his former professor. The thoughts of energized flesh that should be rightfully rotting in the ground, turns my stomach. But I remember the story, the original story.

“We have to get another one. We took too long this time.”

The words grow course and rip through my peaceful mind. I feel like I will never get to sleep. There, the dream awaits. I know it is waiting to kill me, just to see If I should rise again. I whimper and pull my legs up to guard myself in my bed womb. There is only so much gore I can take. If one more corpse is reanimated, I shall scream!

“There was just too much this time. I shall alter the dosage.”

I see a shadow in the door way, but the shadow is wrong. There is a flat terrain atop the shoulders. I smell something akin to roadkill and vomit. Could it be? I want to climb into the walls and find sanctuary, but I know that I have gone too far this time. Light suddenly fills the room with the loud sound of a click. I get a glimpse of my teenage son, bending low over his bowl of popcorn. He is trying to eat from the bowl with his face.

“Mama, You want to watch a movie with me?”

I am relieved, and it looks like I shall be up for a while. Maybe the movie can drown out the dead voices in my ears.

“So, what are we watching, son?”

My teen sets his bowl down on the dresser and hold his hands out to explain. He always talks with this hands. I mean, if you cut them off, he would not be able to talk.

He starts his explaination. “Well, you see, we had to read this book in class.”

“Oh yeah, what was it?”

“Not sure, I think it was by H.P. Lovecraft. ReAnimator…or something like that.”

I am numb and so I smile weakly at my son. “That’s okay sweetheart. I think I will try and get some sleep.”

I mean, who tells their students to reads H.P. Lovecraft? Hm, maybe there is hope for the school system yet. At least I can discuss this with the corpses in my dreams tonight. What’s say it boys, want to go get another one?

An army of dead scream in unison. A jaw falls off here, an arm over there; we are just horrifically awesome. As I finally drift off to sleep, I am smiling. I can smell them all dancing in my dreams. There amongst the busy throng of the dead, stands Herbert West. He looks angry.

“Damn, it wasn’t fresh enough!”


Re-Animator (The Millennium Edition)

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Cult Films, From The Time Warp to Planet Terror




by: Sherrie Hurd
Freelance writer/guest blogger

Traditional Cult films started out as serious films. They were works of entertainment that were totally different from modern day films. The cult films of the 70’s were never meant to be Kooky and downright hilarious. Bad effects and fake blood had the audience screaming in horror.

Were we truly entertained by this? Well, of course we were. Somehow we find amazement in artistic experience of our own time and era, when in retrospect, we can see each flaw clearly. Writers, producers and directors took great pride in their creations. With unflinching convictions, the movie industry saw big opportunities.

Films were not made to gather a large following of fans who quoted every silly line and acted out all the dramatic scenes from the film. In fact, some people are offended by the strange following that their films collect. These films were basically created for money. What happened after that was pure fate. Whether these movies were made for profit or for personal reasons, a transition would come none-the-less, and no amount of cutting edge gore from the 70’s would make any difference.

Controversial films changed and cheap effects  to ridiculously cheesy creations. Great actors portrayed classic attributes of characters from the 70’s. This time, the acting was superb but the story line, much like the plots of the past, was quirky and unbelievable.

People everywhere were quoting from classic movies, building fan clubs. Late nights, you might have caught your neighbor dancing to the Time Warp. Favorites such as the all-time cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” were dreaded and avoided in the time of its inception. Today, this cult classic has such huge following, that you would never have guess it was ever unpopular.  Mainstream, maybe not, Beloved, oh hell yeah!

Slowly but surely, cult films gained immense popularity. These films sat hiding in the shadows, waiting for the avid follower to discover them. Their unrealistic beauty was captivating. When the discovery was made, society changed.

And, as if that were not enough, cult films birthed their own line of action figures, comic books and remakes. This does not even include the sickening number of sequels that really go above and beyond slapstick. As the transition moved on, more ideas created more plots that would soon spread the sickness even further. Cult classics became an addiction. For the lover of these films, there was never enough.

Now, since the cult films are made and specifically selected for the movie industry; what was once an unintended consequence, is a goal. You must and you have to create beautiful trash! Cult films have formed their own genre through the growing popularity of this mindset. Beautifully strange movies have taken over. Even the die-hard fanatic searches for new films before their introduction. Cult fans are so engrossed in some films and then they never hit “Cult status”. The films are then dropped immediately by such fickle followers.

So, with this being said, what is better? Is it better to be an accidental underground hit or is it more creative to bring Cult films into the light as mainstream entertainment! Then again, mainstream may not be easy, but at the rate of cult film popularity, nothing is impossible anymore.

Is it all about the depth and content of the film, or is it the cult ingredients that make the movie popular? Looking at the differences between yesterday and today, there is only one certainty. Cult films are alive and well. This popularity will grow in the coming years.

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Shriek of the Mutilated

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Fido is home


Before I saw Shriek of the Mutilated (1974), I considered Return to Boogy Creek as the worst Big Foot movie ever. Now I know how horribly wrong I was. Shriek of the Mutilated falls into the “so bad it’s good” category. Barely. It definitely helps to have a fondness for bad movies, the 70s, and booze when you decide to check Shriek of the Mutilated (1974).

The story involves Professor Prell leading a group of graduate students into the woods on a search for the Yeti. Said yeti apparently migrated from Nepal to the states during the 60s. Before they embark the professor throws a party, where one of his former students tells of his experience on a yeti hunt. He claims to be the only survivor, other than the professor and the experience has led him to becoming an alcoholic.

The kids pay him little mind, writing him off as an insane drunk. Later that night the former student attacks his wife with a knife and cuts her throat. With her last strength, she dumps a toaster in his bath tub where he is sitting fully clothed.

The students and professor head out to Boot Island home to the professor’s friend Dr. Warner and his mute Native American servant Laughing Crow. The island is also home to a yeti, trapped by the melting ice, they surmise.

They begin their search for the yeti and when two of the students are killed the professor suggests using the bodies as bigfoot bait. Things don’t go as planned as the yeti, which looks exactly like a man in a St Bernard suit, outsmart them.

spoilers for Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Pardon me, do you have a moment to hear the word of Jesus Christ our savior?

It turns out that the yeti is in fact, a man in a yeti suit. Ok, I was almost right. Professor Prell and Dr. Warner are in fact cannibals preparing for a large satanic celebration. The rules of their society call for the main course to die without a mark on their body. Thus the yeti ruse was all to scare one of the students to death.

Karen is captured and tormented while her boyfriend Keith, aka scared ass pussy, leaves her and runs for help. The local police are, of course, involved, and when Keith reaches them for help, he is trapped. Professor Prell offers to let him live to return to civilization to keep the yeti myth alive. Laughing Crow turns out to not only be the most offensive Native American character ever on film, but he isn’t even deaf. The movie ends with Laughing Crow asking “Dark meat or white” as Keith is about to be force-fed Karen.

Laughing Crow in Shriek of the Mutilated

Laughing Crow, making Tonto look good

Shriek of the Mutilated is really bad. It’s bad all the way through, on a level with Ed Woods most uninspired work. From the film and sound quality, to the non-existent acting, silly story and not very special effects. Seriously the rubber suit in Robot Monster has nothing on the yeti costume. There is some blood but it’s so silly that only the youngest kids would be shocked or bothered.

Most of the violence happens off-screen, and when it doesn’t, you kind of wish it did. One ludicrous scene near the end has the cannibal party goers holding Keith down. They stab him with their steely knives (actually forks and spoons but I couldn’t resist) but they never break the skin. Nevertheless spots of blood appear all over his stomach. No wounds mind you, just the blood M’am.

Shriek of the Mutilated is one of those films to watch with a cold beer, group of friends and a light heart. It’s pure camp and should be enjoyed as such. I’m sure the director thought he was making a serious film, but even in the 70s it’s hard to see this film being taken seriously by audiences. Remember this came out two years after Last House on the Left, so good, hard horror films were being made then. So if you are a fan of bad movies, really bad movies, I think you might like Shriek of the Mutilated. I ended up laughing a lot so I guess I have to officially give it my seal of approval.

Shriek of the Mutilated

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Halloween Contest Part 2

Ok now for the top prize. The winner of the Halloween giveaway for the Byzantium Blu Ray nd second place the Trick r Treat DVD.

The winner of the first place and the Byzantium Blu Ray, and the winner may also choose to take a DVD instead of Blu Ray, is Jim Watson. Jim Please send me your physical address to Also send me your preference of Blu Ray or DVD.

Second place winner of the Trick r Treat DVD is William Bozarth. WIll please send me your physical address to me t

Congratulations to both of you

The Lovelace Movie release date on DVD and Blu Ray

Lovelace movie release date on DVD

Of interest to fans of exploitation cinema, the Lovelace movie release date on DVD and Blu-ray is November the 5th. If you haven’t heard Lovelace tells the story of Linda Lovelace, arguably the most notorious porn star ever, if not the most famous. Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace. Lovelace starred in Deepthroat, the first porn film to find mainstream commercial success. She later turned her back on the porn industry, claimed she was forced into performing in porn, including Deep Throat by her husband at the time Chuck Traynor. Lovelace claimed that Traynor abused her and forced her into not only porn but prostitution. Many have expressed doubts about Lovelace’s story but many also support it.

The real Linda Lovelace

The Lovelace movie is based upon her abusive relationship with Traynor, according to Linda’s accounts of events. It stars Amanda Seyfried, as Linda Lovelace and Peter Sarsgaard as Chuck Traynor. Lovelace also stars Sharon Stone,Robert Patrick and James Franco as Hugh Hefner. The movie is more a story about spousal abuse than about the porn industry, and aims to do more than just titillate. However, to the delight of men everywhere it has been confirmed that Seyfried will appear topless, if not fully nude, in several scenes in Lovelace. No doubt this alone will drive a lot of people to see Lovelace, and hopefully they will come away with more than a cheap thrill.

Just remember the Lovelace movie release date on DVD and Blu Ray is November 5th 2013. If interested you can preorder from Amazon through the link below and save 43% off the retail price of 29.99. That’s right pay only 16.99 for Blu Ray or 16,98 for DVD saving 8.00 dollars off the retail price (32 % off)


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Lana Clarkson the Barbarian Queen (part 1)

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Sword And Sorcery Collection (Deathstalker, Deathstalker II, The Warrior And The Sorceress & Barbarian Queen)

Remembering Lana Clarkson

Lana Clarkson is the Barbarian Queen

A couple nights ago, a friend asked me if I had ever did a review for Deathstalker. Well I haven’t neither here, on Lord Dixie’s Dark Domain, or in any other form. I have seen Deathstalker, and remember the title, but not much more other than it featured Lana Clarkson. Lana went on to star in Barbarian Queen and it’s sequel. I had actually seen Barbarian Queen before Deathstalker, and enjoyed it more. Why? Because Lana had a bigger role. I once owned Barbarian Queen on VHS and I wish I knew where that tape was now.

Young Lana Clarkson

You see Lana Clarkson is really the only reason to recommend either Deathstalker or either of the Barbarian Queen movies. Lana was a beautiful, blonde, busty goddess, who deserved much more fame than she ever got. While Barbarian Queen and Deathstalker made her famous, they may have hurt her career in the long run, at least as far as becoming an “A” list celebrity. The films emphasis on female nudity, and violent sexuality did little to promote her as a serious and capable actress. They did create a cult following for Lana that still lasts. Sadly Lana was taken from her fans way to soon in 2003.

DeathStealker, the debut of Lana Clarkson

Lana Clarkson in Deathstalker

I don’t remember much about Deathstalker other than the lovely Lana Clarkson. I just recently watched it again for the first time in ages, and still the most memorable thing about it was Lana. Part of this is due to her tragic death, it just made me want to focus more on the beautiful starlet. But most is due to Lana’s commanding screen presence. Her personality was ten times higher than her six foot frame. Deathstalker also featured the drop dead gorgeous Playboy model and cover girl Barbi Benton in a supporting role. The fact that Lana, could make such an impression in a film with Barbi, just shows you how much screen presence she had. It didn’t hurt that Lana spent the film topless, wearing only a g-string and cape.

The plot, was that the warrior Deathstalker, played by Richard Hill, was given a task to recover two artifacts from the evil sorcerer Munkar. He travels to a tournament held by Munkar to determine his successor. Along the way he runs into the bare breasted female warrior Kaira, played by Lana Clarkson, and the warrior Oghris, played by Richard Brooker. Brooker, who sadly passed of a heart attack in April, 2013, was best known to horror fans from his role as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th part 3. Clarkson character of Kaira, is killed in a sword fight, but Deathstalker manages to win the tournament and recover the artifacts, while uncovering Barbi Benton.

As much as I was, and still am, a fan of sword and sorcery, it was the two lovely ladies, and especially Lana Clarkson, that made me enjoy Deathstalker. Riding off the success of Conan the Barbarian, and the busty ladies, Deathstalker was enough of a success to spawn Barbarian Queen.

Lana Clarkson is the Barbarian Queen.

Lana Clarkson as the Barbarian Queen

Spawned by the popularity of Deathstalker, and more so the popularity of Lana Clarkson,Barbarian Queen was born. Deathstalker had seen a moderate profit and producer Roger Corman saw a strong female capable of carrying her own movie. Barbarian Queen might will never be talked about as one of the greatest movies of all time, it was about on par with other sic fi fantasy films produced by Corman. Filled with cheesy effects, badly dubbed supporting characters, and amateurish sword fights, it would be just a foot note in film history except for Clarkson’s demanding presence.

Set in Roman times, Barbarian Queen stars Clarkson as Amathea, queen of a small village. On the queen’s wedding day a Roman raiding party attacks the village, killing or capturing almost every villager. Amathea, and her two surviving warrior women track the raiding party and infiltrate the city. Inside the city they are captured, one of the women is killed trying to escape, and Clarkson is tied topless to a rack in the most infamous scene of the movie.

There she is tortured by a weird metal glove with a sharp tip that pokes her breast forcing her to squirm, and each movement tightens the rack. The sight of the beautiful, toned blonde bombshell’s nearly nude body being stretched taut was mouthwatering to young male viewers, and I remember it fondly. Well, I did watch it again just before writing this, so it’s fresh in my mind. Yeah it is a torture scene, but it’s completely bloodless. The only thing to really let you know it’s a torture is Clarkson’s moans and writhing, along with her sweaty body, which really didn’t help to turn down the heat.

Honestly, I’m not really sure why they were torturing her other than for shits and giggles, but the Queen remains defiant. Eventually the torturer decides to just rape her. As common as rape is in Barbarian Queen, it’s only shocking that he waited this long. During the rape scene, Amathea quickly takes control. She is able to grab and squeeze his penis with her vagina (honest injun), until he is in such pain he has to release her. We should all be forced to submit in a similar way. She then saves the poor guy from an embarrassing explanation of how the queen escapes by killing him.

Amathea is meets up with the city’s rebel underground and decides to join them in overthrowing the city. Together they attack the city, liberating the slaves and exacting vengeance. Without anymore penis squeezing, except possibly from the audience.

The rape, torture scenes are sure to offend some people, but the scene is handled in such a way that’s it’s more sexual than violent. I’m not saying that’s better, and yes, in ways that worse than watching an extremely violent rape scene, just stating the facts, M’am. When I first watched Barbarian Queen back in the 80s, I was more turned on than appalled at the torture scene. The torture sequence is a bit harder to watch now, knowing what happened to Lana.

Still, it’s a must see for fans of cult and bad cinema. Lana might not be held in the same regard as other cult icons, like Sid Haig, or Linea Quigley, but she deserves a spot there. She was probably the first strong, leading lady in a fantasy epic, and don’t let the nudity fool, you Amathea was a strong character. Roger Corman has referred to her as the original Xena, and there is a lot of truth in that statement.

To be continued in the Tragic Death of Lana Clarkson

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New Releases Cult FIlm

Three new releases this week that might interest fans of cult films or horror films in general, although one is more of a comedy. Simply click on the smaller picture to be taken to to purchase, read full reviews or just to shop. New releases are in stock, coming soon will ship when available. I will update or make new posts as new releases become available in DVD and especially in Blue Ray. Be sure to check coming soon items as some have DVD options already available. I also plan on adding a VHS section in the near future.

One of the infamous “video Nasties” starring Udo Kier and Linda Hayden. See what all of the fuss was about in this new release

New release House on Straw Hill


Screen legends Veronica Lake and Fredrick March in the story of a Salem Witch, played by Lake, burned at the stake who comes back to haunt the descendants of her killers, especially March

New release I married a witch


Genre favorite, Danny Trejo kills zombies in this new release. What else do you need to know? Make sure to catch Danny Trejo in Machete Kills, opening this weekend nationwide

New release Danny Trejo

and coming soon….

The Haunting [Blu-ray]

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