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WCW: Pam Grier

So the big thing now is themed days like Woman Crush Wedsnesday, and Man Crush Monday, so why buck the trend; just give in with Woman Crush Wednesday: Pam Grier. That’s right, it’s Foxy Brown herself, the original and she’s a whole lot of woman.

Pam Grier as Coffy

Pam Grier as Coffy, Cult Film Woman Crush Wedsney


There was really no one else I could pick for the inaugral Woman Crush Wednesday here in the Coven.  Pam Grier is one of the most beautiful women to ever light up the big screen (or small screen). Pam has had starring roles in blacksploition films like Foxy Brown, Coffy and Sheba, she has had smaller roles in women in prison films like the Big Bird Cage, as well as guest appearances on television shows like Miami Vice. She brought it full circle taking the lead in Quentin Tarantino’s homage to exploitation Jackie Brown.

Pam Grier as Jackie Brown

Pam Grier kicks ass as Jackie Brown

Grier was one of the first female action stars. She was tough, no nonsense, straight to the point. She could be hard as nails and had no qualms about blowing someone away, but she never lost her sexy. In fact she used her sexy to get what she wanted. She truly paved the way for women in action films, a path still not heavily tred. In a time when female leads were rare, here was a black female. I grew up in the deep south, in a family that was not racially sensitive, but when I saw Pam Grier, all I saw was a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman kicking ass and taking names. She still is my number one crush of cult and exploitation film, hell my number one crush of all film.

Pam Grier sexy in Native headdress

Sexy Pam Grier


I came close to meeting Pam once, but had a prior committment. I only hope I get that chance again. Luckily I did have a friend snag me an autograph, but I realy want to meet her in person. Who the hell wouldn’t want to meet her? Pam Grier you are my Woman Crush Wednesday

Lovelace movie review (2013)

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Lovelace movie review- Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace

Lovelace movie review

Does a Lovelace movie review belong on a cult movie blog?

When I started this blog, one thing I was determined to do was stay on topic and on course, so doing a Lovelace movie review could easily be seen as straying off course. There’s no way I can say that Lovelace is a cult movie, although it might one day fall into that category. However since it is the story of Linda Lovelace, star of arguably the most famous porn film ever. A film that would be the first porn film to cross over and find mainstream success, Deep Throat.

Deep Throat fits the criteria for cult and exploitation in almost every way. It was never supposed to be as popular as it became. Likewise the story of it’s creation, and it’s stars rise and fall, beats any other exploitation film’s backstory that I have ever heard. Thus I believe that the Lovelace movie deserves a place here.

Lovelace movie review-synopsis

Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace. It also stars Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone as Linda’s religious, conservative parents, James Franco as Hugh Hefner, and Peter Sarsgaard, as Lovelace’s husband. It also has a supporting cast that includes Eric Roberts, Debi Mazar, and Chloe Sevigny.

Lovelace movie review James Franco as Hugh Hefner

James Franco as Hugh Hefner

The film is the story of Linda Lovelace and the making of Deep Throat, but it is more the story of abusive relationships, and the gravity that holds women in them. Lovelace is told predominantly Linda’s viewpoint, and many of the “facts” about the abuse have been disputed. Still, no matter how accurate the story, a compelling story it is nonetheless.

The story is broken into two major parts. Both tell the same basic story, but from a slightly different perspective and with different amounts of information released First we are introduced to Linda and her conservative religious family. We follow her as she meets and then marries Chuck Traynor. Falling into financial problems, Chuck convinces Linda to perform in an adult film. This film became Lovelace.

Deep Throat becomes a huge hit, and soon the couple are the talk of the town. They appear at private showings and even meet a young Hugh Hefner. However, cracks are starting to show, as Chuck appears to be jealous, more of Linda’s fame than her sexual partners. There’s also hints that he has borrowed a little too deeply from the producers of Deep Throat.

Lovelace movie review Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfriend in Lovelace

The second part of Deep Throat tells roughly the same story, but gives us more info about Chuck and Linda’s life. Information based on Linda’s account of their relation ship and from her book Ordeal. This time we see Chuck’s proclivity to violence early on in his marriage. We also see how controlling he is of Linda, both in public and private. The audience is shown where Linda’s bruises are from, and we see Chuck force her into prostitution that is basically gang rape.

The film ends as Linda has published her book Ordeal, and is actively working as an anti porn crusader. She reconciles with her family, who accept their part in Linda Lovelace’s creation. Before the final credits role, we are updated as to the whereabouts of the central characters. Both Linda and Chuck sadly passed away in the early 2000s, so the whole truth will never be known about Deep Throat and Linda Lovelace.

Lovelace movie review, my thoughts

Lovelace was an enjoyable watch, but it did have some flaws. The film was based almost entirely on Linda Lovelace’s account of what happened, thus you have to remember it is a one-sided story. Many of Linda’s claims, especially surrounding her being forced into doing porn, are disputed by people involved in the film. However most people do agree that Chuck Traynor was an abusive husband, but that Linda willingly participated in Deep Throat and her other porn ventures.

It is also a very shallow film and never digs too deep into Linda’s life and career other than the abuse. It never mentions her other forays into porn and seems to claim that Deep Throat was her only porn experience. Lovelace never mentions her foray into more degrading porn including bestiality. Linda has herself admitted that it was her in the film, so it is a known fact. One can assume the film makers knew adding this would have made it harder to see Lovelace as a sympathetic character.

Linda Lovelace also appeared in a sequel to Deep Throat. While sequels are mentioned as being in the works, it is heavily implied that she retired from porn completely after Deep Throat. Once again, we can only assume it is to paint Lovelace in a more sympathetic light. Since Lovelace isn’t a documentary, you can’t fault them, but it does make the film more of a fluff piece, than if it was a bit more factual when it comes to documented facts.

Still Lovelace is a good film, even if it could have been a bit deeper. It has an excellent cast and a wonderful 70s soundtrack. Seyfried makes a wonderful Linda Lovelace, and she deserves a lot of credit for not copping out on the nude scenes. There is some internet whining about her not being willing to do full frontal, but come on! This is not an actual porno, so there was no need to go beyond topless. However not going topless would have made this little more than a Lifetime move

I have never been a huge fan of Seyfried, I have seen her in a couple of movies and neither role was very demanding. Before this Lovelace movie review, I reviewed her in Red Riding Hood, which I found ok at best. This is a much more deserving role, and she handled it well, showcasing Linda’s rise from naive girl, to celebrity, and finally to wife and mother. It is the performance of her young career so far.

James Franco was toned way down for Hugh Hefner, but he still succeeds in making Hef appear more sleazy than he does in real life. That goofy smile is still there, but he does try to control it at least. I’m not a fan of Franco, but this was a good role for him and he didn’t blow it at least.

Sharon Stone in Lovelace movie review

Sharon Stone in Lovelace

Sharon Stone, no longer the young sex symbol from Basic Instinct, tackles the role of Lovelace’s devout mother. Stone gives a great performance, showing off what it was that made her famous. Ok, maybe it was her vagina that made her famous, and she didn’t show that, but she did show that she can still act.

Lovelace movie review final thoughts

Anyone with any interest in Deep Throat should give Lovelace a look. While it is a somewhat glossed over version of the event’s it is probably as close as we will ever get to knowing what went on. For those looking for a sleazy sex fest, you will probably be a bit disappointed. It does feature the beautiful Amanda Seyfried topless in multiple scenes, but it never sinks into being a sleaze fest.

With the subject matter of the film some nudity and sex were needed, and any Lovelace movie review can’t help but mention it. Anyone with a desire to see Lovelace should not be offended by it. Seyfried is gorgeous, and I know there are people who have been waiting to see her nude. They won’t be disappointed. I was slightly bummed that we didn’t get to see Debi Mazar nude, as I really thought the film was headed there.

Lovelace didn’t do enough to make it a really important film, but it’s far from a bad film. If you have any desire to know more about Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat, or just some time to kill, pick up Lovelace, and thanks for reading my Lovelace movie review.

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Linda and Abilene (1969)

Linda and Abilene

Herschell Gordon Lewis is widely considered the Godfather of Gore, and with good reason. With movies like 2000 Maniacs, Wizard of Gore and Blood Feast, he has earned that title. What a lot of people might not have realized is that H.G. Lewis didn’t only direct horror movies. On fact Lewis seemed to dabble in a bit of everything. I was mostly a horror fan, and while I can’t say I have seen all his horror films I have seen several. I knew he had directed and been involved in some early nudies, but like most fans mostly considered him a horror director.

Then one day I came across a film directed by H.G. Lewis billed as an “erotic western”, Linda and Abilene. Well it was too good to pass up so I had to take a chance on it. Well, I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Linda and Abilene is a fun little romp that will have you laughing your ass of most of the film. Don’t be expecting high production values, or an extremely sensible script. This is H.G. Lewis we’re talking about. You have seen Blood feast haven’t you?

Linda and Abilene starts out with Abilene and her brother Tod burying their parents. This leaves the brother and sister all alone on their ranch in the middle of nowhere. We watch as right out of the Blue Lagoon, Abilene starts to discover her sexuality and become attracted to her hunky brother Tod. Tod, for his part, spends his time spying on Abilene bathing, spying on her sleeping, spying on her masturbating while thinking about him.

Linda and Abilene siblings churning

The siblings fight their unnatural urges for what seems like an eternity, an eternity of peeping tom and masturbation. Finally they can take no more and they give in having wild, all in the family sex in the bedroom, in the river, in the butt. OK not in the butt, as far as we know, but the point is they did a lot of screwing.

Tom eventually comes to the realization that there’s no future in poking his sister, and heads off to town in search of some strange. Strange meaning not his mothers daughter. Abilene, deeply in love with her brother, and afraid of being alone, begs him not to go, but he’s determined, and reluctantly pulls away.

Once in town Tod heads into town where he meets tough as nails cow poke Rawhide, and saloon girl Linda. Tod explains how his parents died last week and he and Abilene have been all alone at the ranch. Wait, hold up. His parents died last week. So basically Tod and Abilene fought off their carnal urges for around four to five days at most. Talk about will power.

Tod takes an interest in Linda, attracted to the fact she seems to be the only woman in town, and intrigued a woman who hasn’t breast fed from the same tit as him. They of course hook up and more rowdy late 60s sex ensues.

Rawhide, apparently growing tired of poking cows and Linda, decides to pay a visit on lonely Abilene for some wholesome raping goodness. He rides out to the ranch, where he introduces himself to Abilene, and has a nice dinner of beans before he gets down to the raping. The next morning, he bids farewell to Abilene and heads back to town. If all rapes were as polite, and non violent as this one, the world would be a better place. Before anyone complains, no rape is never funny, but this came damn close. If you are looking for a disturbing, violent, realistic, hard to watch rape scene, try Irreversible, or seek professional help, but don’t look at Linda and Abilene.
Tod, after getting his fill of Linda lovin, heads back to the ranch, most likely passing Rawhide along the way. I’m betting Rawhide even tipped his hat. He gets to the ranch to find Abilene in tears. Whether she is crying because of the rape, or because Rawhide ate all the beans we will never know. When Tod finds out about the rape, he goes into a rage. He feels guilty for leaving Abilene alone, leading to the moral of the story. If you don’t fuck your sister, someone else will.

Abilene begs Tod, not to go looking for revenge. She knows full well that Tod is a pussy and can never take on a bean eater like Rawhide. As Tod rides out, Linda rides in, looking to get a piece of Abilene as well, as either Tod or Rawhide have been telling bedroom tales. She manages to quickly get into Abilene’s petticoats, which makes me wonder why this wasn’t called “Everyone nails Abilene” which would be a more appropriate title. Their roll in the hay, well actually in the ranch house, is one of the highlights of the film. Shame it takes so long to actually happen.

While the two girls are bumping honey pots, Tod finds Rawhide in town and challenges him to a fight. Well Tod is a pussy, but he holds his own until Rawhide shoots him. The film ends as Linda and Abilene bury Tod and ride off together. Umm, they ride off on a stage not on each other.

OK, so what makes Linda and Abilene worth watching? Well there is the lesbian sex of course, but that’s readily available on the Internet now, plus you don’t have the burden of wondering what the two girls would look like making out today. EWWWW. If that turns you on, there is granny porn out there, by the way. The fact is, Linda and Abilene is fun to watch. The incestuous scenes may turn some off and the sex between Tod and Abilene is pretty silly, but they are both very attractive, so there is eye candy for both genders. There’s a lot to laugh about and I’m sure some good drinking games could come out of this.

H.G. Lewis

The setting all look like authentic western film fare, which does add a touch of class. Linda and Abilene was filmed on an actual ranch, which helps the look immensely. However there are a few curiosities that make Linda and Abilene a must see for movie fans. H.G. Lewis fans will be interested because for a long time it was incredibly hard to find. It has just recently been released on DVD as part of the “Lost Films of H.G. Lewis”.

An even bigger selling point for fans of history, and especially for those interested in famous murder cases is the filming location. Much of Linda and Abilene was filmed on the infamous Spahn Ranch. If that name sounds familiar, it was the headquarters of the Manson family, and Linda and Abilene was filmed there just a few weeks before the Manson murders.

Charles Manson

Probably the biggest knock against Linda and Abilene is the pacing. It really drags when there is no sex or fighting. It’s around 30 minutes in before the brother and sister start getting it on, and it’s really tedious. Abilene’s several nude scenes do help, and her fevered masturbation is worth a few laughs, but realistically the film could have been cut by several minutes. I’m sure that the idea was to show how isolated, and lonely the pair were, isolated and alone just a short ride from town, mind you, but it really kills the pace of the film, and makes it tempting to abandon.

Still for fans of H.G. Lewis, and cult films, or those interested in historical crime this is a must see. It’s as close as you will ever get to being on the ranch with Charlie himself. Do yourself a favor and click the link below, before Linda and Abilene goes missing again.